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Taboogloo is the experiment designed as a social network, capable of answering the most important unanswered question: Does some essential part of you survive death? Assuming the afterlife exists, it must be a phenomena within the nature of being, enabling seamless transition to a place beyond death, so it must be timeless and abstract and it must always be connected to the real, material you, in life, via your unconscious or intuitive being.

To answer the afterlife question, we'll tap into the only timeless force known to man. It exists everywhere, within material stuff and in outer space. It's known as the quantum field. Einstein referred to the timeless force as spooky. Taboogloo constructs your private message interface employing it, so the afterlife you, if it exists, can communicate through your intuitive mind.
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Evidence for the afterlife can be established by recording positive feedback; the amplification of purposeful direction. If the afterlife is only a philosophical mirage, no meaningful direction toward insight through feedback is likely.  If the afterlife does exist, feedback is very likely and only depends on the development of your receptivity.

There's already an inspiring discovery made via natural feedback, called the Pyramid Art. It' was created via the observation of synchronicity, and looks like a language to exploit the butterfly effect, nature's made to order amplification system. Einstein is quoted as saying: "The only real, valuable thing is intuition." So, if it were amplified…

Taboogloo is ultimately designed to verify the Pyramid Art as an instrument for synergy with nature. That experiment will come later. Currently we are not yet even a public website. If you're here, it's by invitation, to help us develop the quantum field interface and yes, there are many rough edges, but you're very welcome to join-in our tests. It should be fun.

Sheldrake: The Science Delusion/Science Set Free

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